Entry #7


2009-07-06 04:26:34 by 64

My activity on this site is slow, at best. Though I think I owe it to anyone that may be watching my account to explain some stuff. I've noticed that Newgrounds has kind of lost its underground feeling to a more corporate approach over the last couple of years. That kind of discourages me to use this site, but it is also sort of my only portfolio.

I'm starting college, so I may make some new stuff, but motivation has been nearly zero for a while. Over time, the fun in making content just kind of trickled out, and now it's all about advertising and competition. Not to mention a new Actionscript version I don't know and the standard for content being significantly higher than when I quit.

Nothing I make will be for high scores or popularity online. It will simply be for showcasing my (mediocre) talents.


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2009-11-07 13:20:33

Why do you need a username and a password at 64upload right now?

64 responds:

Bandwidth got too high, so I had to make it private. Sorry.


2010-01-23 08:54:01


64 responds:



2010-04-02 14:30:59

Best of luck to you, still.