2009-07-06 04:26:34 by 64

My activity on this site is slow, at best. Though I think I owe it to anyone that may be watching my account to explain some stuff. I've noticed that Newgrounds has kind of lost its underground feeling to a more corporate approach over the last couple of years. That kind of discourages me to use this site, but it is also sort of my only portfolio.

I'm starting college, so I may make some new stuff, but motivation has been nearly zero for a while. Over time, the fun in making content just kind of trickled out, and now it's all about advertising and competition. Not to mention a new Actionscript version I don't know and the standard for content being significantly higher than when I quit.

Nothing I make will be for high scores or popularity online. It will simply be for showcasing my (mediocre) talents.

64 Upload

2008-04-14 00:50:55 by 64

64 Upload
64 Upload is an attempt at something that I have personally always wanted. Now, you have a place to upload rather large files of almost any file type with no accounts, download queues or pop-up ads.

I'm working on implementing SWF window support, so that isn't 100% yet. But go ahead, try it out.

Gunman Near My School

2008-03-04 20:19:19 by 64

This happened today during school.

6:15 AM - Husband shoots wife in chest. She runs to neighbor they call the cops.
6:20 AM - Man barricades himself in his house, holding his mother-in-law hostage.
9:20 AM - Mother is released unharmed.
9:30 AM - SWAT team busts in and he blows his head off.


64 Media Proxy

2008-02-17 01:16:08 by 64

Use it to get past blocks in school.

64 Media Flash Portal

2007-08-22 22:03:34 by 64

Check out the new Flash portal on 64 Media. It's not completely done yet, but a review system will be added shortly.

Audio Portal Explaination

2007-07-19 04:31:43 by 64

If you're confused why I'm submitting my actual music now, here's the explaination. Back when I submitted my seven tracks I could barely make Flash, let alone music, but I wanted it on my record. So I did, in fact, blatantly steal music from Painkiller because I figured no one on the site at the time would find out. I was wrong and flooded with "stolen reviews" and such, where I stubbornly denied it. Yet, I was smart enough to not submit anymore.

Also, if you're wondering why there's like three submissions with the same file was somewhat Newgrounds's fault. There was a server error at the time and I thought I got the error because the name was taken, so I tried two different names and decided to give up after the third. The next day, I was shocked to see all three submissions in the system.

Now that the new profiles show the Audio submissions right there, I didn't want anymore negative attention. So now that I can make music, even if they're not that great, they're mine. I submitted a dozen or so tracks on alternate accounts because I just didn't have the courage to even touch the old stolen audio records. So now I'm going to submit all of my real tracks on my account and make the first reply on my alt to prove that they are controlled by me.

I'd like to apologize again that I stole that music years ago. Am I really sorry? Yes. Would I do it again? Fuck, no. But any song with 64 in front of the title is mine, you can be assure of that.

64 Media Redesign!

2007-07-17 16:57:23 by 64

I finished a couple of days before Newgrounds, but like the same thing, the new site fuckin' OWNS the last one.

Check it out.